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Shootout lyrical content and brief explanation

Apartment 24, 1st floor

Its the 3rd door on your right

I give a knock, she lets me in

Heads back as I kill all the lights

So familiar i cant pretend

These nights are everything i need

It seems im searching

She said shes lookin for a much better life that she can lead

We live

We lie

We love

We die

And then we do it all again

Its a shootout war for so much more

Than just a couple scars on our skin

So familiar i cant pretend

These fights are the last i will see

This worlds a battlefield

Its time to tear down these walls

And use our souls to believe

Love i see it

Oh, ive seen it

But All i see is war

***** This is where we leave off. A decision of what we WANT and what we NEED. We all struggle with certain vices, maybe drugs? Alcohol? Women? Addictions of any form or fashion. This is representing the moment of realization, the moment we choose to stray away from the narrow path of blamelessness. The Lord calls us to be more like him and less like ourselves. Therefor we must realize that this constant shootout is for more than just the immidiate scars. It is about our future well being. The future well being of the world around you.

You can choose to give in , or you can take the ladder , which in turn may be tougher at the moment ….. But will surley bring light to the dark.

We see war, but we also see the love. that love is you and how you choose to use it is ultimatley up to the decisions you make throughout your day.

Think before you speak. Think before you act.

Bring light.

Much love.

Motions!!! Lyrics!!!

We are much to young to be living like this
Its a time of renovation
This worlds gone mad, I must be losing my mind

but I’m patiently going through the motions
seems that things are warmer near the oceans
if you wanna be specific i see me and the pacific

this ones for the fall and this ones for the hope we never will

Sometimes you gotta dig through the dirt and all the roots
you gotta get down and dirty
for all our plastic friends and how we left their mouths on mute
no one can hear you

we want it all, all I want my dear
is a simple taste (simple taste)
we want it all, all I want my dear
is a simple taste, taste the revenge in your tears

seems that things are warmer near the oceans
but I’m patiently going through the motions
seems that things are warmer near the oceans
if wanna be specific

this ones for the fall
and this ones for the hope we never will
this ones for the dream
and everybody sings

we’re much to young, to be living like this

this ones for the fall, and this ones for the hope we never will
this ones for the dream, yah every bodies dream
we will never sleep as long as everybody sings


*This song represents the the trials that me and my band go through on an everyday basis, trying to do what we love to do, which is play music together.

We love making music for the sake of our fans and the ways that they may be moved by it. But with that being said some other people have different ideas, they choose to belittle due to their lack of passion and misunderstanding of us as people and why we have chosen this path.

Like I stated in the song, “this is a time of renovation” this is a time of necessary change. We must be the first ones to make a move and “ignore” what society says about what we “should” be doing. In turn, my intentions are not to revolt, but to do what we love and not avoid it because it may be “risky” or “silly” to others.

We must, as human beings, be aware of our surroundings and constantly be in pursuit of helping others, but with doing that you must help yourself by following what God has planned for you.

Be a difference maker, small scale , large scale or in between. The world needs us. The world needs you.

This ones for the fall

this ones for the hope we never will

this ones for the dream, everybodies dreams

and everybody sings.. together.

The Thief lyrical content

Cant you see We are never free Until the tide washes over And makes us clean

My dear brothers, hold your tongues It’s not like we’ve been living We have been laying far too long On this life we’ve been given

And the filth, filthy lies Come to rise We may never see the light of day again Wrong , wrong as rain We feel the pain Feel the pain

Ohh hold Hold me now Hold me fast

We are not free until we accept the gift of being born again and how Jesus Christ was sent to die for our sins

Hold me now Hold me fast

Do you ever feel lost or lonely ?? Do you ever wish for someone or something to hold you and feel that empty void in your heart??

There is an answer

The truth , the light , and the way.

It is more than evident when you choose to take a second and educate yourself on all of our beautiful surroundings.

Any questions ?? Feel free to ask on here or via my personal email -

"Free" Lyrical content and brief explanation

Well, my head is dead and my mind is fed up

of all this stupid time

that has dropped off the clock and Im avoiding the knock

of the monster thats been running my life

he’s ugly as hell and well, his heart is broken

his eyes tell a tale of words unspoken

he dreams of a day where he can honestly say he’s alright

and keep it in mind im not as stable or able

to use all my guts and turn over these tables

to open the door and stare the monster between the eys

but the times have turned

ive burned a whole in this hear

confronted the face of what tore my life apart and ill start

by living every moment like it was my last

I’m dying to be free

when these chains are all gone i swear I’ll bring the sun to its knees

and I’d kill to just be me

im gonna die with every thought and every sickness I’ve ever caught

striving to believe

——- Here you have it. You’re the only thing standing between you and who you need to be. Who were you made to be ??? Everyone has a purpose, a passion, a gift. This is about you looking yourself in the mirror when you roll out of bed and figuring out who is staring back at you. Is it who you want to be?? Who youre made to be???

Its a fight. You have a choice.

Are you going to be a light to the world?? A type that the Lord calls us to be?? Positively affecting your surroundings? Loving your friends and family? Trying your best to reach out to the sick and the lost??

I understand perfection is impossible, but in todays world, people are giving up on the pursuit. If you cant have it all , then why bother trying to reach for anything??

well, unfortunetly, thats the sad, easy way out.

do yourself and your neighbor a favor. start striving for your full potential as a human being.

if you need me, ill be over here in Ohio trying to strive myself.

easier said than done, i know, but the effects are limitless.

much love.

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